NYC Marathon

Scenes from the 2016 ITR Woodside Ramble (Trail Half Marathon, 35k, 50k)

Inside Trail Racing put on their annual winter version of the Woodside Ramble , and Quinn and I got a few pictures of runners braving the mid-30 degree cold on our morning hike. Enjoy! BTW, Inside Trail has an amazing roster of events for 2017 – be sure to get a few on your calendar! (5-year-old Quinn, your photographer today! She’s even styling the Western States 100 hat) (and cowbell ringer…) (Jessi sighting!!!)

Playing in Purisima (First Video with Hover Camera Drone)

Took my new Hover Camera out for a spin to try the drone auto-follow capability. This thing is going to be a lot of fun!   I’ll give it a few more test drives and write up a review in the next few weeks. With GoPro recalling their Karma drone today (after 16 days of selling), and the DJI Mavic having so many production issues that pre-order customers won’t see it until January, 2017 , the Hover may be one of the only consumer auto-follow drones available this holiday season

Lotteries Opening Soon for 2017 Races

Ultra lottery season is on us again! Put your name in the hat for entry into some of our sports most popular events (or all of them like I know many of you do), and let the  Lottery Gods  determine your fate. Here are some of the more popular lotteries in case you would like to give them a shot!  Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run , June 27, 2016 (Lottery Nov 5-12, Drawing Dec 3)

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