Hello Running Friends, It’s the third week of the new year…how are you doing on your ‘Get Fit’ goals?  Studies have shown this is about the time when new runners and gym goers start to waffle on their resolutions, habits and/or routines.  I understand, having gone through the same experience in the past.  I’d set out on Day 1 of a new year with routines that featured either too fuzzy, no real end-goal type of scenarios – ” I’ve got to get to the gym for more cross training this year” .  Or on the flip side, an extreme goal such as, ” I will completely eliminate all sugar and caffeine from my diet starting today.”   What do you think…were either of those ‘goals’ likely to happen?  As you might imagine, I failed with those resolutions along with many others over the years. Can you relate to that experience

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How To Keep Your Running and Fitness Resolutions Going Strong

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