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You don’t catch breast cancer.

It catches you.

You can try to stop it, but cancer

has other ideas, other plans.

But imagine if a beat could beat cancer.

Imagine if the best way to shake cancer loose was

with an unshakable rhythm. Imagine if turning up the

volume on hip-hop could silence cancer forever.


Think Pink Rocks was created with the belief that

music has the potential to derail breast cancer’s

deadly assault. To help women understand that a

mammogram isn’t enough because genes are

where cancer likes to hide. And that the

community that dances together heals together.


The fact is, music is the definitive life force.

It can lift us up, move us, and plug

us in to something that makes us

feel very much alive.


So if you think a gathering of world-class

musical artists can help raise money.

Think Pink. If you think that music

has a life force all its own. Think Pink.

And if you think breast cancer

awareness, prevention, and healing

can move an entire community.

Think Pink.

Think Pink shares.

Think Pink heals.

Think Pink gives.

and until there’s a cure….


Beat. Cancer.


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