Infographic courtesy of Racers, Get Yourself To A Starting Line! Racing season is in full swing right now and whether you’ve signed up to run a single race event or running in multiple races, you’re probably thinking – okay, maybe obsessing – about the many things you need and want to have pulled together before the big day. Out on my long run yesterday, I had the time to think about my checklist of race day needs and wants. I realized it’s no small effort (or amount of money) to pull all those things together…and if you’ve never created a race day checklist, it would be easy to miss adding a few key items.   Up till now much of your focus is on building up miles, endurance, pacing and such – not easy to do, but it’s straightforward.  If you’re like most runners, you started race training with a plan and a checklist of miles to cover in preparation for your half or full marathon

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Plan A Perfect Race Day Checklist

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