Trail photographer extraordinaire Sophie Jane snapped a few pics of Coastal Trail Run’s Crystal Springs 50k this morning as it came through Huddart Park in Woodside, CA. We hope you all had fun and stayed dry! You are welcome to share the photos! (Half marathoners came through fast!) (Randy Higashi in the half marathon) (Josslyn Mikow still smiling after the first big climb) (Did his front bottle spring a leak?) (Holly Zabinski lets her hair fly on the downhill) (Jimmy Caputo fuels up on the half marathon while dodging the fresh horse poo) (Escaping the rain in a nearby cave) (Jill Homer!) (Bernadette Dayrit gets her tunes rolling) (Ralph Wright takes it easy on the downhill) (Don’t smile too long, there’s a zombie behind you!) (Laura Deck loves the downhill best!) (The best part of the race!) (Black and white bark)

Excerpt from:
Scenes From The Crystal Springs 50k (photos by Sophie)

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