UltraRunning Magazine Launches North American Race Series

How do you stack up ? That’s how the announcement read for UltraRunning Magazine ‘s new Race Series announced via email this morning.

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New 100-Mile PR at the 2015 Rocky Raccoon 100m/USATF Championships

“Oh my God, I think I’m going to be sick,” said the runner next to me in the starting chute of the 2015 Rocky Raccoon 100-Mile Run (RR100) last Saturday morning. Thirty seconds to start…it’s the last time your brain allows you to absorb the entirety of the next 30 hours, and the sheer insanity of a sport and race that annually draws 500+ runners here to Hunstville, TX. We are all fidgeting – the fast runners bouncing like hungry greyhounds, the vets finding solace and strength in the moment – but the newbies have it the worst.

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A Wet and Wily 2015 Redding Marathon

There is something delectably pure about a small, local marathon. Runners know every runner/volunteer on the course, aid stations are stacked with homemade goodies, a hearty “go!” sends everyone off, and puppies are given away as prizes (okay, just one this time, but still)

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The 2015 Ultra Lottery Season – Which Race Will Choose You?

It’s lottery season again in the world of ultrarunning! As our sport continues to grow ( up 345{20b543310651bf6f3679f07daa0e532ca50e05ab066d8bcfc12d35f979f65272} in the last 10 years ), the clash of limited space/permits and high demand has put more races than ever in the lottery game. There’s even the semi-disappointing trend of non-refundable “lottery fees” popping up a few races this year.

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