Ewan Horsburgh and Gia Madole Win Inaugural Tahoe 200m

The inaugural Tahoe 200 Endurance Run is closing in on it’s 100-hour cutoff, and Australia’s Ewan Horsburgh (61:32) and Oklahoma’s Gia Madole (75:56, 10th overall) have emerged victorious after 78,000′ of climbing and descent that circumvents the great Lake Tahoe in California and Nevada. Nearly 50 finishers made it through the brutal course, including a few like Inside Trail Racing’s Victor Ballesteros (2nd, 63:43) who never even slept! Simply amazing.

Fun Video from Team inov-8 Retreat

Team inov-8 had their first US retreat last month in Big Sur, CA, to test out some new products, share tips and secrets, and enjoy the eclectic group of trail runners, CrossFitters, and triathletes that make up the 2014 team . My roomy for the weekend, 2013 Barkley Marathon winner (and finisher, for that matter) Nickademus Hollon , put together this unofficial video which captured a lot of the fun moments. A few of my favorite highlights from the retreat: Showing up with Bryon Powell in Big Sur just as Alex Nichols, Peter Maksimow, and Joe Grant return from a one-hour-turned-into-six-hours run across the Big Sur wild.

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