The Western States Endurance Run Board of Trustees recently announced modifications to their qualification process for 2015 , and it may be good or bad news depending on how you look at it. In the announcement they also “outed” the schedule for the Montrail UltraCup for 2014, so you can find it below. The bottom line is this – demand for competing at Western States has grown dramatically in the last few years, making the odds of winning a lottery slot slip into the single digits (7.9{20b543310651bf6f3679f07daa0e532ca50e05ab066d8bcfc12d35f979f65272}) and projected to go lower (less then 5{20b543310651bf6f3679f07daa0e532ca50e05ab066d8bcfc12d35f979f65272}). The annual numbers of applicants tells the story of why these changes were made, and how it took a very different turn when the race was cancelled in 2008 from fires

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Western States Adjusts Qualification for 2015, Announces Montrail UltraCup 2014 Schedule

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